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Debt Recycling System

The Debt Recycling System is designed to support financial planners and businesses working in the debt recycling space.

The Debt Recycling System will illustrate the benefits of debt recycling to clients quickly and easily, from initial engagement through to review. It will give your business a strategic advantage over your competitors. It will also improve your client value proposition through strategy and service.

Debt Recycling - The Strategy

Money Track™

Money Track™ is designed to support financial advisers and mortgage brokers with effective cash flow management for their clients. It is a cash flow solution you provide to your clients to keep their cash flow on track.

The system provides both financial planners and mortgage brokers with a solid foundation to manage their clients' cash flow position to help them make smart choices with their money in order to maximise wealth creation opportunities.

Money Track™ can be used with all your clients for no additional cost.

Client Portal

Client Portal is a complete financial solution for clients to manage their personal financial affairs. It allows clients to securely store their financial documentation electronically.

Planners can communicate with clients via the Client Portal noticeboard and by uploading newsletters. Clients can access Money Track™ through Client Portal, as well as web links to their financial organisations. Client Portal is personalised for each client.

Client Service Manager

The Client Service Manager (CSM) has been designed to help Financial Advisers and Mortgage Brokers make their record keeping and compliance requirements easier in the running of their financial services business.

It’s a simple and easy to use CRM system to record work completed for a client, with the ability to view all work in progress for clients to ensure that all work stays on track.

All systems are branded with
your business name and logo.