Simple and powerful adviser tools to show the value of your advice

Custom Branding

The ability to brand the system with your business name, logo and colour theme.


Client PDF Reports

Client friendly PDF reports can be generated with your business logo from all systems.


Access anywhere, anytime

No need to install any software, all our systems work using most modern browsers.


Regularly Updated

We're software as a service. This means we're constantly coming out with new innovative tools and features.

Adviser Centre Toolset

Below is a brief overview of our core tools we provide. Click on the circle icons for more details.

Debt Recycling

The Debt Recycling System will illustrate the benefits of debt recycling to clients quickly and easily, from initial engagement through to review.


Client Service

It's a simple and easy to use CRM system to record work completed for a client, with the ability to view all work in progress for clients to ensure that all work stays on track.


Client Portal

Client Portal is a complete financial solution for clients to manage their personal financial affairs. It allows clients to securely store their financial documentation electronically.


My Goals

The My Goals System allows you to track and record client goals according to time frame and priority in a personalised visual format.

Loan Tracker

The Loan Tracker is a system that stores the actual results of Home Loan adjustments at each review period.

Strategy Tracker

The Debt Recycling Strategy Tracker is a system that stores the actual results for the recommended debt recycling strategy at each review period.

Money Track™

Money Track™ is an online system that allows you to compile a budget (spending plan) quickly and easily. It also allows you to track and monitor cash flow along the way.

Retirement Income

The Retirement Income System allows you to complete a retirement income stream projection showing how long money may last in retirement.

Retirement Analysis

Shows projections on how much Superannuation a person may accumulate leading up to retirement and how much needs to be accumulated to meet their retirement income goal.

Loan Projections

The Loan Projection System allows you to complete a loan schedule for each loan spit showing how long it may take to pay out a loan.

Insurance Needs Analysis

The Insurance Needs System allows you to complete an insurance needs analysis for Death Cover, Total & Permanent Disablement Cover & Trauma Cover.

Savings Projections

The Savings Projections system allows you to complete a savings schedule for each savings goal.


What is Debt Recycling

Debt recycling is the strategic co-ordination of cash flow to achieve home loan reduction, tax minimisation and wealth creation all at the same time.

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